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There are several ways to get involved with the Oasis Market: you can become a vendor, a supplier or host classes at the market. The difference between vendors and suppliers is that vendors sell their products themselves by renting a booth, and suppliers simply drop their products off to be sold by Oasis Market staff. Both routes encourage small business growth by selling regionally-sourced products in the market located in downtown Erie at 914 State Street where we expect a customer base upwards of 5,000 monthly shoppers. Suppliers and vendors must adhere to the Oasis Market Guidelines (Link to guidelines page).

Vendors have the option of renting a booth space (minimum 12’x12’) to sell their products directly to patrons of the market. All revenue collected is that of the vendor, less “rent,” and there are daily, weekly, and monthly booth rental plans available. Rates start at $30 / week day for flex stations and $3 / sq.ft. full stations. All products must be locally sourced, self-grown or self-produced, and of high quality. We also ask vendors to be present and open for the entire market day (Thursday- Friday 10 am - 6 pm, Saturday - Sunday 9 am - 4 pm).


Suppliers pay a $30 monthly service fee and 20% of revenue collected from the supplied goods or products. This helps cover the overhead of the market itself as well as pay for market staff. Three (3) UPC codes will be provided to track sales (additional UPC codes available). The Oasis Market may be able to arrange assistance for any items that need be transported via refrigerated truck to the market or require refrigeration in the market. Please contact us directly to work out those details.


Our goal is to make a positive impact in Erie through the use of food, education, and collaboration

The Oasis Market is a 501 (c) (3) with a mission to create a sustainable platform in the Erie community that emphasizes a direct connection between the producer and consumer.

We are aiming to provide farmers, entrepreneurs, and small businesses a safe opportunity to directly serve those who need their products most, and together we can eliminate a major food desert in Erie while simultaneously strengthening local commerce.

Collectively, we can create a space where regionally sourced and produced farm products, arts, crafts, and prepared foods can be sold in one location and move towards:

  • Building a healthier community
  • Building a regional food system
  • Fueling Erie’s economic growth

For Vendors, the Oasis Market is more than a market, it’s an economic hub brimming with opportunity. We can provide low-risk, short-term rental options, and all but eliminate traditional startup costs and provide a venue for your business to serve an almost entirely untapped consumer base.

For Suppliers, we support farmers and producers who use sustainable practices that protect the environment, our communities, and animal welfare. We are looking for products that have been grown or produced using sustainable methods such produce, fruits, bread, milk, meat,cheese, canned goods, spices, coffee, clothing, utensils, and more.

Unfortunately, at this time we cannot accept any kind of health and beauty aids such as soaps, makeup, lip balm, lotions, etc. This is a stipulation of our landlord. We are hoping that in the near future we may be able to amend this so we can support the all of the wonderful products that are locally produced.

If you are interested in selling your products at The Oasis Market or being a vendor, please complete an interest form and submit it to set up an intake meeting.

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Helping to Eliminate Erie’s Food Desert

What Is A Food Desert? Food deserts, according to the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), are areas where at least 33% of residents live one mile or more from the nearest grocery store or supermarket. Erie County has 10 food deserts, 7 of which are located in the City of Erie. In fact, accessing healthy, affordable food is a problem for over 22,000 residents living in Erie.

When it comes to fresh food, research suggests that nearly 75% of consumers prefer local brands (according to Nielsen). Not to mention, when goods are purchased from a local/independent store or distributor, nearly two and a half times more revenue stays in the region (according to the Wall Street Journal and American Independent Business Alliance).

Become a Sponsor Today!

We believe all this will be made possible by creating a venue for regional producers and makers right in the heart of Erie. We need your help. When you invest in The Oasis Market, you’re supporting a brighter future for our community. Contribute or sponsor a specific event today.

The Oasis Project is a 501 (c) (3). Any donations made to the market are tax deductible!

If interested in donating please make checks payable to The Oasis Project and mail them to our offices at 900 State St. Suite 008, Erie, PA 16501