Become a Supplier

We support farmers and producers who use sustainable practices that protect the environment, our communities, and animal welfare. We’re looking for products that have been grown or produced using sustainable methods such produce, fruits, bread, milk, meat, cheese, canned goods, spices, coffee, clothing, utensils, and more.

If you are interested in selling your products at The Oasis Market, please complete the Supplier Interest Form and send it to

How does it work? (Cost to have products sold by Oasis Market Staff)

The fees for market suppliers work on a sliding scale. Depending on the space requirements and if your product needs refrigeration or any special care the fee can range from $10 -$30 a month. We then collect 20% of revenue collected from the supplied goods or products. This helps cover the overhead of the market itself as well as pay for market staff. Three (3) UPC codes will be provided to track sales (additional UPC codes available). The Oasis Market may be able to arrange assistance for any items that need be transported via refrigerated truck to the market or require refrigeration in the market. Please contact us directly to work out those details.

Eligible Products

  • Vegetables grown by the seller from seeds, seedlings, or sets.
  • Fruits, berries, or nuts grown on trees, bushes, or vines on the seller’s farm.
  • Plants grown by the seller from seed, seedling, or transplant.
  • Eggs produced by the seller’s poultry.
  • Honey produced by the seller’s bees.
  • Fresh baked goods and prepared food items must be made from scratch by the seller using locally sourced, sustainable ingredients.
  • Fresh cut flowers grown on the seller’s farm.
  • Meat products must be produced from animals raised on the seller’s farm.
  • Dairy products, including milk, cheese, and yogurt must be produced from animals raised on the seller’s farm.
  • Pet food and treats made from scratch by the seller using locally sourced, sustainable ingredients.
  • Local Art
  • Some Locally manufactured products

Products We Cannot Accept

  • Unfortunately, at this time we cannot accept any kind of health and beauty aids such as soaps, makeup, lip balm, lotions, etc. This is a stipulation of our landlord. We are hoping that in the near future we may be able to amend this so we can support the all of the wonderful products that are locally produced.
  • Overly processed foods.
  • Beverages not produced by vendor business i.e. cans of soda and bottled water and Energy drinks.
  • Meat and dairy products treated with growth hormones.
  • Products that are unduly repetitive of what is already available in the market.

We reserve the right to accept or reject an application for any reason

Prepared Food Product Guidelines:

  • All foods must be prepared in a kitchen certified by Department of Agriculture, Department of Health, or USDA.
  • All products must be made by you or your staff (i.e.: if you sell cookies, you must make the cookies).
  • If selling packaged food items, all vendors must have Food Sales Establishment License and Department of Agriculture approved labels.
  • Use of local farm ingredients is required. If the product is available locally, it is expected that you will purchase it from a local and sustainable source. We ask that you source products in the following order: from within the market, from local farms, within Pennsylvania, within the tri-state area including Pennsylvania, New York, and Ohio, and within the continental US.
  • Use of sustainably produced ingredients is strongly encouraged. Individuals whose sourcing most aligns with these criteria will receive preference for market admittance.
  • All meat products must be pre-approved by The Oasis Market. The Market requires meat products to be sourced from sustainable producers, such as from another market vendor if available, and/or organic, local, grass-feed, free-range, etc.
  • All vendors must submit a list of ingredients and sources to be pre-approved by The Oasis Market. If utilizing a seasonal menu, a regular update the to the market is required for pre-approval of new products.
  • We understand that not all products are available locally or within the continental US, such internationally sourced ingredients such as spices, salts, olive oil, and coffee is permitted. However, we encourage vendors to purchase these types of products from a sustainable source. Examples include from certified organic or fair-trade coffee.

Locally Manufactured Products

  • Space is available for locally made products. Pricing structures are in line with those stated in the application.

Visit the full supplier application here

See the general rules and guidelines here